Skateboards can often feel a little precarious to ride, especially when decked out in all the latest, extraordinary designs. But, there can be some vast bumps during your ride resulting in a damaged board. We’ll take a look at some potential causes of your skateboard being uneven and tips on how to fix an uneven skateboard.

What causes your skateboard to get uneven?

It is prevalent for a skateboard to get uneven. When your skateboard gets uneven, you need to make sure it is fixed. There are a few different causes. You might have a loose wheel nut or a loose wheel bearing, and you might have a bent truck hanger or a bent axle. 

You might have a bent kingpin. If you have any of these problems, you must fix them. Otherwise, your skateboard will make a lot of noise, and your ride will be very uncomfortable.

How to prevent your skateboard from getting uneven

If you are looking for a way to avoid your skateboard from getting uneven, you can use a skateboard wax. This wax will keep your board from getting too slippery and causing it to slide and get uneven, which can be dangerous. 

How you apply the skateboard wax will depend on what type of skateboard you have. If you have a skateboard deck, you will want to use the wax, but if you have longboard skateboard decks, you will want to apply the wax to the bottom of the skateboard deck. 

However, how you apply the wax will not be the same. The bottom of a longboard skateboard deck will be harder to wax, so you will need to use a circular motion to get the wax to spread and coat the bottom of the longboard skateboard deck.

How to make skateboard have less friction

There are many ways you can make your skateboard less friction-filled. One way is to keep your skateboard waxed and lubricant-free. The longer your skateboard is left unwaxed, the more friction it will have. If your skateboard is waxed and lubricant-free, it will slide and spin better. 

One of the main causes of friction is dust. Remove your wheels and clean them with a cloth or brush to remove the dust. It may seem like a lot of work, but it will save your skateboard from being messy and make it easier to skate.

Useful Tips for keeping your skateboard in good shape

Keeping your skateboard in good condition is essential, especially if you’re planning to ride it for a long time. To make your skateboard last as long as possible, you need to ensure that it’s always clean and lubricated.

If you clean your skateboard with a wet sponge, you might have a lot of water and spots on your deck. The best way to clean your skateboard is to use a hose. You should also keep some lubricant on your skateboard to make it glide easily.


Why is my skateboard not straight?

Many factors could be causing the skateboard not to be straight. If you are using a camber deck, you should check the bolts. If you are using a regular deck, then make sure that the bolts are tight and that the deck is not warped. Also, make sure that there are no screws in the board that could be causing the skateboard to be crooked.

How do you prevent skateboard Stingers?

There are several ways to prevent skateboard stingers. One way is to ensure that the board you are using has a responsive urethane deck, which will help it maintain its shape and reduce damage to the board. Another way is to wear a helmet. A third way is to place the board on the ground with the trucks facing down, stand on the board so that it is in the air, and then jump up on the board.

How do I stop wheel bite?

If you want to stop wheel bite, you want to make sure that you are using a big enough wheel. Another way is to make sure that you are tightening your trucks by hand to get a better grip on the wheels.

How do I keep my skateboard from scratching?

To keep your skateboard from scratch, you should use wax to protect it from the elements. Before you try to clean a skateboard, rub a small amount of hand soap or alcohol on the deck to remove any dirt, dust, or other debris that may have been on the deck. Dry the skateboard off with a rag before rubbing the soap or alcohol on the deck if the skateboard is wet.

How cold is too cold to skate?

It is better to skate when it is a bit cold than when it is too hot because the air is denser, making it easier to perform tricks. The only time it is recommended not to skate is when the temperature is below 5 degrees Celsius.

Is it bad if your skateboard gets wet?

It depends. Suppose you are in water above your ankles because you cannot control the board, which can be dangerous. However, if you are in water that is not too deep and wearing a helmet, you should be okay. It’s essential to take precautions and be aware of your environment.

A skateboard can get wet and still be used if it is not ridden in the rain or other wet conditions. The skateboard can be used as long as the wheels are not submerged and there is still enough “grip” on the board’s surface.

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