Is your skateboard wobbling? Skateboards that wobble typically have too soft bushings or too loose trucks. One of the main culprits is if the wheel itself is out of true, which can happen over time. You can fix this by using the skateboard wheel truing tool. 

Another issue a skateboard wheel can start to wobble is if the wheel is not inserted correctly into the axle. Suppose the wheel is not sitting flat on top of the axles or not being seated down into the axles. If you have a problem with your wheel wobbling, it might be time to replace it.

What is the cause of my skateboard being wobbly?

One of the most common causes of a wobbly skateboard is too light. If you are riding your skateboard and it feels like the deck is moving, but your feet and legs are still on the ground, this is a sign that you have an unstable deck. If you are going to ride your skateboard, you should make sure that it is heavy enough to ride. 

What can I do to fix my wobbly skateboard?

One of the biggest things that you will experience with your skateboard is wobbly. It is essential to fix this issue because it can affect your safety. There are a few things that you can do to improve your wobbly skateboard. 

One thing that you can do is tighten the screws that are holding your board. If your board is still wobbly, you can also try to pull the bolts holding your truck. If your issue persists, you can try to replace the bushings or the bearings.

How to fix a wobbly deck?

Some skateboard decks are wobbly because of your feet. You may have tried to tighten the trucks or the wheels, but, likely, you’re still feeling the board shake underneath your feet. It is where you may want to check the bearings. If you don’t want to replace the bearings, you can get a bearing press to press them back in. 

It will help you, but it won’t be a long-term solution. You can also check if your deck has been damaged. If you want to get rid of a wobbly deck once and for all, you can replace the deck.

How to fix a wobbly wheel?

When your skateboard has a wobbly wheel, it can be frustrating. If you wonder how to fix a wobbly wheel, there are a few ways to do it. What you should do first is to take off the wheel and examine it. If you find that the wheel has come off the axle, you should fix it by tightening the screws that hold it in place.

 If you find that the wheel is loose and wobbles, you should tighten the screws on the bearing. If that still doesn’t work and the wheel has come off, you should replace the wheel.

What can I do to make my skateboard more stable?

Sometimes, your board can be a little tough to handle when you’re trying to do tricks. 

  • The first step to making your board more stable is to make sure that it is light enough for you. While buying a new board, make sure that you do your research and find the board that makes you feel most confident.
  • You could also use a skateboard wheel made of a softer material or use a wheelie bar. It will be helpful for stability.
  • Another thing that could help make your skateboard more stable is wheel bearings. It can be challenging to control if your wheel is not fixed on your skateboard. 
  • Finally, you can use an aluminum wheel instead of a plastic wheel.


How do you balance a skateboard?

An excellent way to balance a skateboard is to stand on the back edge, hold the front grip, and then push off with your front foot.

Can you sit on your skateboard?

Yes, a person can sit on their skateboard, but it is not appropriate for them to sit on a skateboard while the skateboard is in motion.

Can I skateboard indoors?

Yes, you can skateboard indoors. However, it would help if you kept in mind that depending on the surface, it is not recommended. For example, you would want to skateboard on concrete rather than on a carpet because if you fall on your back, it would be difficult to get up, and you would most likely end up hurting yourself if you skateboarded on the carpet.

Is it OK to skate in the rain?

Yes, it is excellent to skate in the rain. Many people have been doing it for years, and it can be done regardless of the weather.

Can you skateboard in the snow?

Yes. Depending on the quality of the snow, it could be great for skateboarding.

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