Why are my skateboard wheels squeaking – Explained

Every skater knows that squeaky wheels can ruin a good skate. It’s a common problem. It’s more common than you might think. When a wheel squeaks, there are usually two things happening, usually one of which is causing the other. 

The first thing that could happen is that the wheel has lost its inner core, which keeps the wheel from wobbling. The second thing is that the wheel has lost its bearing, which keeps the wheel and the axle together.

How to fix squeaky wheels

You can do a few things to fix squeaky wheels on your skateboard. The first option is to use a blow dryer. It will help to reduce the squeaking on the wheel while it dries. If this doesn’t work, you can try using a hairdryer. It will help to reduce the squeaking while it cools down. 

When the squeaking is too severe, you can try using a blow dryer and a hairdryer in tandem. If you still can’t fix the squeak, you may have to replace the wheels with new ones.

What causes squeaky wheels

If your skateboard wheels are squeaking, a few things could be the cause. One of the most common causes for squeaking wheels is the lack of lubrication. If the wheels are not properly lubricated, then they will squeak. The other common cause for squeaking wheels is the wheels not being tightened properly. 

If the wheels are loose, the wheels will squeak. If the wheels are tightened too much, then they will also squeak. When you are skateboarding, you should take the time to tighten your wheels before you start your journey. You want to ensure that your wheels are correctly lubricated and tightened correctly.

What you should do if you think your wheels squeak

If you think your skateboard wheels are squeaking, you should fix them quickly before becoming a safety hazard. The best way to fix your squeaking wheels is to lubricate the bearings. You can do this by adding a drop of oil to the bearing. 

You should also check the wheel’s alignment. If your wheels are out of balance, they will squeak. You should also check the wheel’s tension to ensure that it is tight enough.


The most common cause for squeaking skateboard wheels is that the wheels are not clean. It would be best to always clean your skateboard wheels before using them. You can clean your wheels by wiping them down with a damp cloth. If you find that the squeaking is still happening, you should try and do some deeper cleaning. 

You can use a toothbrush and some water to clean the wheels. You should avoid using a metal brush as it can cause damage to your wheels. You should also avoid using any cleaning products that contain alcohol. Lastly, you should make sure that the wheels are completely dry before using them again.


Is it normal for skateboards to squeak?

Many people might be surprised to learn that skateboards don’t always squeak and that it’s not normal to hear a squeak every time you ride one. Some boards are designed specifically to reduce the noise from the wheels, so you may not hear it at all. The squeak you hear may be a brake rubbing on the deck or something else. Sometimes, it is normal for skateboards to make some noise as they’re moving.

How do you get rid of squeaky trucks?

To get rid of squeaky trucks, you want to put a dab of petroleum jelly or some other type of lubricant in the back truck of the skateboard and then lock it in place.

What causes squeaky trucks?

The squeaky skateboard truck can be caused by one of two things. The first is that the bearings are not properly lubricated, or the bushings are not installed correctly. The second and most likely cause is that the trucks have been over-tightened, and the metal plates have been bent in the middle, causing the skateboard to squeak.

How do you grease skateboard wheels?

Apply grease to the bottom of the base where the trucks on the skateboard are positioned, then grease the wheels.

How do I make my skateboard feel more stable?

When skating on a skateboard, you want to make sure that you keep your weight evenly distributed across the board. It will help with stability. If you feel like your weight is uneven and you are leaning too far to one side, you can use your arm to balance yourself by putting your elbow on the ground and using your arm to balance yourself.

If your skateboard doesn’t feel stable on the ground, try putting some wax on the bottom of the board to make it feel less slippery. If it still feels too slippery, try putting grip tape on the bottom of the board.

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