Audi is a luxury car brand known for its sleek design and advanced technology. One of the features that sets Audi apart from other car brands is its Gala system. In this blog post, we will explore what Gala in Audi is and how it enhances the driving experience in Audi vehicles.

What is Gala?

Gala stands for “Gesture Control and Acoustic Lens Array.” It is a feature available in select Audi models, including the A8, A7, and A6. Gala allows drivers to control various functions of their car using simple hand gestures. For example, you can adjust the volume of the music or answer a phone call with a wave of your hand.

How Does Gala Work?

Gala uses a combination of sensors and cameras to detect hand gestures made by the driver. The system is located near the infotainment screen in the dashboard’s centre. When the driver makes a gesture, the system interprets the gesture and performs the corresponding action.

What Functions Can be Controlled with Gala?

Gala can be used to control a variety of functions in the car, including:

  • Audio: Adjust the volume, change the track, or mute the music
  • Phone: Answer or reject a call
  • Navigation: Accept or decline a navigation suggestion
  • Climate control: Adjust the temperature or airflow

In addition to these functions, Gala can access various settings and menus in the infotainment system.

Benefits of Gala

Gala offers several benefits to drivers. One of the main advantages is that it allows you to control various car functions without taking your hands off the steering wheel. This can help to improve safety while driving, as you will not need to reach for buttons or touchscreen controls.

Gala also enhances the driving experience by providing a more intuitive and convenient way to interact with your car. Instead of fumbling with buttons or menus, you can gesture to perform the desired action.


Gala is a unique and innovative feature that enhances the driving experience in Audi vehicles by providing a convenient and intuitive way to control various car functions. With its advanced technology, Gala offers many benefits to drivers, including improved safety and enhanced convenience.


Is Gala available in all Audi models?

No, Gala is only available in select Audi models, including the A8, A7, and A6.

Can I customize the gestures used by Gala?

No, the gestures used by Gala are pre-set and cannot be customized.

Does Gala require any special maintenance?

No, Gala is a self-contained system requiring no special maintenance.

Can I use Gala while wearing gloves?

The system may work with some types of gloves, but it is not guaranteed to work with all types of gloves. It is best to use Gala with bare hands for optimal performance.

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