What does e/t mean in a Kia? – Ultimate Guide

Kia vehicles are equipped with a variety of advanced technologies and features to enhance the driving experience. One such feature is the e/t Indicator on the dashboard. This Indicator can be confusing for some drivers, so in this blog post, we will explain what the e/t Indicator means in a Kia and how to use it properly.

What is the e/t Indicator?

The e/t Indicator stands for “economy and time.” It is located on the vehicle’s dashboard and serves as a guide to help drivers improve their fuel economy. The Indicator displays a bar graph that changes in real-time, showing the driver how efficiently they are driving. The goal is to keep the Indicator in the green zone, indicating that the vehicle is being driven most fuel-efficiently.

How Does the e/t Indicator Work?

The e/t Indicator monitors the vehicle’s speed, acceleration, and braking patterns. It then uses this information to calculate the driver’s fuel economy and provide feedback on improving it. When the Indicator is in the green zone, it means that the driver is driving in a fuel-efficient manner. When it is in the red area, it means that the driver is driving less fuel-efficiently.

How to Use the e/t Indicator?

To use the e/t Indicator properly, drivers should strive to keep the Indicator in the green zone as much as possible. This can be done by driving at a steady speed, avoiding sudden acceleration and braking, and using the cruise control feature when appropriate. Additionally, checking the Indicator regularly and adjusting your driving style as needed is important.

Benefits of Using the e/t Indicator

The e/t Indicator can help drivers save money on fuel costs by teaching them how to drive more efficiently. Using the Indicator can also reduce emissions and help protect the environment.


In conclusion, the e/t Indicator is a helpful feature that helps drivers improve their fuel economy. By understanding how the Indicator works and how to use it properly, drivers can save money on fuel costs and reduce emissions. If you have any questions or concerns about the e/t Indicator, consult your vehicle’s owner manual or contact your dealership or a qualified mechanic.


Is the e/t Indicator only available on certain Kia models?

The e/t Indicator is available on various Kia models, but availability may vary depending on the specific model and trim level.

Can I turn off the e/t Indicator?

The e/t Indicator cannot be turned off but can be reset. To reset the Indicator, press and hold the button located on the dashboard.

Will the e/t Indicator be accurate if I am driving on a hilly terrain?

The e/t Indicator takes into account the vehicle’s speed, acceleration, and braking patterns, but it does not take into account the terrain. Therefore, the Indicator may need to be more accurate on hilly terrain.

What should I do if the e/t Indicator is always in the red zone?

If the e/t Indicator is consistently in the red zone, it may indicate that the vehicle needs maintenance or that the driver needs to adjust their driving style. Contacting the dealership or a qualified mechanic for advice is recommended.

Does the e/t Indicator only measure fuel economy or does it also measure other factors?

The e/t Indicator primarily measures fuel economy by monitoring the vehicle’s speed, acceleration, and braking patterns. However, it may also consider other factors, such as the use of certain features like cruise control and air conditioning.

Can I rely on the e/t Indicator to optimize my fuel efficiency all the time?

The e/t Indicator can be a useful tool for helping you optimize your fuel efficiency, but it should not be relied on exclusively. Other factors, such as traffic, weather conditions, and vehicle maintenance, can also impact fuel efficiency.

What is the difference between the e/t Indicator and the fuel economy indicator?

The e/t Indicator is a real-time indicator that provides feedback on the driver’s driving style and its impact on fuel economy. The fuel economy indicator, on the other hand, displays the vehicle’s current fuel economy, such as miles per gallon (MPG).

Can the e/t Indicator be customized to my personal driving style?

The e/t Indicator cannot be customized to your driving style but can be reset to reflect your current driving habits.

Is the e/t Indicator only available in Kia cars?

The e/t Indicator is specific to Kia vehicles and may not be available in other car brands. However, other car manufacturers have similar features that serve the same purpose.

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