What can i use to lube my bearings

If you want to keep your skateboard bearings in good condition, it’s important to lube them on a regular basis. This will help reduce friction and wear and keep them rolling smoothly. It’s important to select the right lubricant for your bearings because there are several different kinds available. A glance at some of the top choices is provided here.

1. WD-40

This multi-purpose lubricant is great for skateboard bearings because it helps to reduce friction and protect against rust and corrosion. Your bearings should be cleaned after using a tiny amount on a clean cloth.

2. Bearing grease

This is a thicker type of lubricant that helps to fill in any gaps or rough spots in your bearings. It’s important to not over-apply this type of lubricant, as it can cause your bearings to become clogged.

3. Silicone spray

This lubricant is great for reducing friction and helps to protect against rust and corrosion. Simply apply a small amount to a clean cloth and wipe your bearings down.

4. Graphite powder

It is a dry lubricant that works to reduce friction and stop corrosion and rust. To clean your bearings, simply dab a little bit of the solution onto a clean cloth.

5. Mineral oil

This light oil aids in reducing friction and guards against corrosion and rust. Your bearings should be cleaned after using a tiny amount on a clean cloth. No matter which type of lubricant you choose, it’s important to regularly lube your skateboard bearings to keep them in good condition. This will help reduce friction and wear and keep them rolling smoothly.

How to determine if bearings need lube

The best way to determine if your bearings need a lubricant is to listen to them. If you hear them squeaking when you apply pressure, then you need to apply some lube. However, if you hear no squeaking, it might be time to retire them.

How do bearings work?

Bearings are used in skateboards to allow the wheels to roll around smoothly. They are a very important part of a skateboard, but they are also important to understand in order to get the most out of your skateboard. Bearings are what allow the wheels to roll smoothly. 

There are many types of bearings, with the most common one being the ball bearing. The ball bearing is a round-shaped bearing that uses a large ball to keep it in the center of the wheel. The ball bearing is typically made of steel or ceramic. There are also cartridge bearings, which are set inside of the wheel. The bearings are typically made of plastic or ceramic. 

Best way to clean your bearings

Cleaning your bearings can prevent a skateboard from becoming less responsive. Most bearings, like the ones found on skateboards, are composed of a harder material that creates friction that helps you turn the board. However, dirt and dust can build up on the skateboard bearing, causing it to become less responsive. 

Using a wire brush and a drill to clean your skateboard bearings is the best method. With this method, you must ensure with caution that you are not damaging your bearings. To ensure that your bearings can still be used, you should use an alcohol-based or soap-based bearing cleaner. The alcohol-based cleaner will generally require a few minutes to work, while the soap-based one will need about 10 minutes to work.

What can I do to prevent my bearings from seizing up?

The most common issue with skateboards is the bearings seizing up. The cause of this is usually due to dirt and dust getting into the bearings. To prevent your bearings from seizing up, you must keep them clean. 

You should also use bearing lubricant to prevent the dirt and dust from getting into the bearings. To prevent your skateboard bearings from seizing up, you can use any type of liquid lubricant, such as WD-40, kerosene, or oil.


Can you use olive oil as lube for bearings?

Yes, olive oil is a great lubricant for bearings for skateboarders.

Can I use Vaseline to lube my bearings?

Yes, some people claim that it helps reduce friction and can also be used to lubricate your wheels.

Can you use baby oil to lubricate bearings?

No, you cannot use baby oil to lubricate bearings because baby oil is made of mineral oil and will not be able to clean out the dirt and grime that is inside the bearings.

When should I clean my bearings?

When the skateboard starts to make squeaking noises when you’re riding it. Also, it is important to clean your bearings when you are replacing them and when the skateboard starts to get rough or starts to feel like it is losing traction.

It’s better to clean your bearings after each use and before the next use. This is best done by using a cloth to wipe off any grit and then using a spray lubricant to get your bearings nice and slick.

Is silicone spray good for bearings?

The silicone spray is not a good idea because it can make the bearings too slippery. You would need to completely replace the wheels and bearings.

How do you lubricate metal?

If you are skating on metal, apply a lubricant to the metal to reduce friction, or apply some WD-40 and wipe it all over the metal.

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