NASCAR Entire Team at risk of missing Cup Playoffs?

Stewart-Haas Racing (SHR) is in danger of missing the entire NASCAR Cup Series playoff field for the first time in history. With four races remaining in the regular season, only one SHR driver, Kevin Harvick, is currently in the playoff picture. Aric Almirola, Chase Briscoe, and Ryan Preece are all outside the top 16 in the point standings.

SHR has been struggling all season. The team has only one win, by Harvick at Bristol Motor Speedway in April. The team has also had many mechanical problems and crashes. The SHR drivers must start winning races and consistently finishing in the top 10 if they want to make the playoffs. However, it will be a tough task. The competition in the Cup Series is as tough as it has ever been.

If SHR does miss the entire playoff field, it would be a major disappointment for the team and its fans. SHR is one of the most successful teams in NASCAR history, with 14 championships. The team has also had many star drivers, including Tony Stewart, Kurt Busch, and Kevin Harvick. Missing the playoffs would be a setback for SHR, but it is not the end of the world. The team has a lot of talent and resources. They will be back in contention for championships soon.

Has anyone won a NASCAR Cup championship without winning a race?

Yes, one driver has won the NASCAR Cup championship without winning a race. That driver is Austin Dillon, who won the championship tournament in 2020. Dillon finished the regular season in 16th place in the point standings, but he made it to the playoffs by winning the first two stages of the Charlotte Roval race. Dillon then went on to win the championship in the season’s final race at Phoenix Raceway.

Dillon’s championship surprised many, but it showed that winning the championship without winning a race is possible. However, it still needs to be done. Only one driver has ever done it, which will likely happen again soon.

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