How to clean rusted bearings – Useful Tips

If you’re a skateboarder, then you know that grinding and flipping your board around can cause some severe wear and tear. One of the most common problems skateboarders face is rust on their bearings. This blog post will discuss how to clean rusted skateboard bearings. Keep reading!

How to clean rusted bearings

When rust builds up on skateboard bearings, it decreases the speed of your roll. A rusty board makes it harder to do tricks and wrecks your chances of breaking into the half-pipe. Fixing the problem is simple. You have to clean the rust off skateboard bearings with simple tools.

Rust forms when moist air comes in contact with metal. The moisture present in the air causes a chemical reaction called oxidation, which eats away at the metal, leaving a brownish residue on your skateboard bearings.

You’ll need a bowl of water, paper towels, and salt to get started. Any salt will do – table salt, sea salt, rock salt, etc.

Locate the rust residue on your board by spinning or rolling it in a circular motion. Once you’ve spotted where the problem is, dampen the paper towel with water and wipe off all excess liquid along with any existing dirt using another dry paper towel.

Afterward, place your skateboard in a bowl of water along with the paper towels and salt. Place the bowl on a flat surface and wait for about five minutes.

Now take your board out of the water and dry it off using another clean paper towel. Check if any rust stains remain by rolling the skateboard in all directions.

If some rust residue remains, place your board back in the bowl along with more salt and soak for another five minutes. Repeat the process until all rust has been removed.

Once you’ve gotten rid of all residue, roll your board back and forth to check if your bearings are working well again. If they’re not working well, try removing even more rust via this method by repeating it until the bearings are clean.

After you’ve finished cleaning your bearings, it’s best to apply a thin coat of metal wax or skateboard oil using another dry paper towel. Doing so will help prevent rust from forming again.

Valuable Tips on How to make skateboard bearings last longer?

  • Even if you’ve gotten rid of all rust and dirt from your skateboard, there are still some things that can cause bearings to wear out or break:
  • If you keep riding regularly without replacing worn-out parts like wheels and bearings, they’ll eventually stop spinning smoothly.
  • Exposing your board to extreme weather conditions like heat and cold will cause the material to warp.
  • If you don’t regularly clean dirt and rust off your bearings, they’ll eventually stop working well.


That’s it! You now know how to clean rusted skateboard bearings without having to take them in for professional repairs or replacements that can be costly at times. If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to drop a comment below. Have fun.


Is there another way to clean skateboard bearings?

The best selling product is a cleaner called Skate One, specifically made for cleaning and polishing bearings. All you have to do is spray it directly on the bearing, leave it in for roughly five minutes and then rinse with water until all residue has been removed. You can pick one up from Amazon for less than $5.

How long do skateboard bearings last?

Depending on how often you use your skateboard, bearings will last around six to 12 months if they’re being used regularly. If you aren’t a severe skater and tend to ride every once in a while only, then it’ll take around two years for them to wear out completely to get more mileage from your bearings, try to clean the dust and dirt off them more regularly.

How often should I clean skateboard bearings?

The more you ride your board, the faster it accumulates dirt and rust. Skateboard bearings are high-tech electrical components that need proper care to stay in good working condition. Try riding your skateboard every day for maximum performance. If you only ride occasionally, make sure to do a deep clean at least once a week.

What bearings do pro skaters use?

Most professional skaters like Rodney Mullen and Ryan Sheckler prefer Bones Bearings skateboard bearings. These bearings are known for their reliability, speed, and low price tag. They have an average speed of over 30 mph with no problem whatsoever. You can pick up a set of 8 for under $100 on Amazon.

What are 608 bearings?

608 bearings are found inside skateboard wheels. The number represents the size of the bearings, which is 8mm. These bearings offer a fast speed and enough stability to make quick, tight turns without falling off your board.

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