How long do skateboard trucks last

Skateboard trucks are an essential part of any skateboard, and they must withstand a lot of wear and tear. But how long do they last? It depends on a few factors, such as the quality of the trucks, how often they’re used, and what kind of skating they’re used for. But generally, you can expect your skateboard trucks to last anywhere from six months to a few years.

If you take care of your trucks and don’t use them excessively, they should stay on the longer end of that spectrum. But if you’re using them daily and putting them through a lot of punishment, they may only last a year or two. Tips to increase the lifespan of skateboard trucks

  1. Get the right size trucks for your board.
  2. Avoid grinding with your trucks.
  3. Don’t do tricks that put a lot of stress on the trucks.
  4. Keep your trucks clean and well-lubricated.
  5. Inspect your trucks regularly for signs of wear and tear.

If you follow these tips, you can help extend the life of your skateboard trucks and enjoy them for many years.

What are some other factors that contribute to the lifespan of a skateboard truck?

Skateboard trucks are an essential part of your skateboard, and with constant use, they wear down and need replacement. While many factors contribute to the lifespan of a skateboard truck, the main factors are speed and pressure.

The harder you push on your skateboard, the faster you go, and the more pressure you put on your truck, the quicker it wears down. You should take a break on your skateboard and let your trucks rest for some time. This gives your trucks a chance to cool down and allows them to be lubricated.

What are some other ways to extend the life of your skateboard?

Besides regular maintenance, you can also extend the life of your skateboard by using different materials in its design. For example, if you know you will be grinding on your skateboard for a long time, you can use a metal truck. This only affects the hard wheels. If you want more durable trucks, you can go with wood trucks.

You can also use urethane trucks if you take your skateboard on the road. These new trucks are lighter and more durable than plastic. If you are looking for a cheap solution, you can also go with steel trucks. In the end, you will be able to find a truck that works for you and your skateboard.

How do you replace a skateboard truck?

Skateboard trucks are the parts of the skateboard that the wheels are attached to. The wheels make contact with the ground, and the truck is responsible for adjusting the angle of the wheels. It is recommended that you replace your truck every 6 months. If you are unsure when your truck needs to be replaced, you can measure the wear on your truck. 

If the wear is noticeable, you should replace your truck. It is also recommended that you replace your trucks before they break down. When you replace your skateboard truck, you should always use high-quality parts that will provide you with the best performance. When replacing your truck, you should make sure that the old truck is out of the way before installing the new one.


What are the different types of skateboard trucks?

There are different types of skateboard trucks. The main ones are concave, convex, and double concave.

  •  Concave trucks are for beginners and are made for stability.
  •  Convex trucks are for more experienced riders and are made for speed and turning.
  •  Double concave trucks are for expert riders and are made for carving.

What is a good size for a skateboard truck?

The size of the skateboard truck is determined by the distance between the center of the axle and the center of the kingpin. The smaller the kingpin, the less the truck will affect the tracking and turning of the skateboard. A truck about 48 mm in length is a good size for most people.

Do skateboard trucks loosen over time?

You may want to consider changing your trucks if they are loose due to wear and tear.

How do you maintain skateboard trucks?

To maintain your skateboard trucks, use wax to keep them from rusting and the bearings from getting too dusty and dirty. Add a thin layer of wax to the top of the trucks and then attach the trucks to the truck bed. Use wax to protect the bearings if you have a skateboard or longboard.

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