Are skateboard bearings universal – Fact you need to know

Skateboard bearings are one of those things that everyone wants to take the right step towards. But if you think about it, they are actually a pretty important part of your skateboard. Without them, you wouldn’t be able to roll smoothly or quickly. And if you’re looking to replace your bearings, you might be wondering—are skateboard bearings universal?

The answer is, it depends. Let’s discuss. There are some bearing brands that are more standard than others, but ultimately it depends on the size and dimensions of your particular skateboard. So there are some ways to determine which bearing will work best for your board.

First of all, you’ll need to know the size of your wheels. Skateboard wheels come in a variety of sizes, but the most common are 50mm, 52mm, and 54mm. Once you know the size of your wheels, you can start to look at different bearing options.

One thing to keep in mind is that not all bearings are created equal. There are some that are better quality than others. And while you might be tempted to save a few dollars by going with the cheaper option, bear in mind that these bearings will likely need to be replaced more frequently. So, it pays off in the long term to spend money on a high-quality bearing.

Steel and ceramic are the two most commonly used materials. Although steel bearings are less expensive, they rust more readily over time. On the other hand, ceramic bearings cost more but last longer and corrode less frequently.

It’s crucial to keep in mind each of these considerations while picking the appropriate bearing for your skateboard. By conducting some research, you may be certain that you’re getting the best product for your money. And in the end, that will let you take even more pleasure from your skating.

So, are bearings for skateboards universal? Both “yes” and “no” are the answers. You can make sure that you’re getting the best possible product for your money by taking the time to analyze all of the relevant elements, though. So venture outside and begin skating.


How do I choose the right bearings?

First, you need to decide what type of skateboarding you are interested in doing. The bearings will be different for each style. Next, look for bearings that can be used for all varieties of skating. Aluminium, steel, hybrid, ceramic, and hybrid are some of the bearing types available. 

The important decision to make is whether to use a ceramic or steel bearing. The next decision is whether you want hybrid bearings or not. Choosing the bearings’ size is the final stage.

What are the different types of bearings?

There are two types of bearings: “ball” and “cup”. The ball bearings are typically better for high speeds, while the cup bearings are typically better for low speeds. After figuring out which type of bearings you need, you must choose the bearing size. The size of the wheel and the bearing size will result in how many turns it takes to get it to go around a certain distance.

What bearings are best for high-speed travel?

 Ball bearings are typically good for higher speeds because they have a larger outer diameter and less friction against the wheel. The downside is that they are more expensive.

How do I know what size ball bearings to get?

The size of the bearings is determined by the length of the axles. The axles and bearings should be the same size. What size ball bearings to get depends on the size of your skateboard. There is no universal standard for skateboard size, so you will have to do your own research to find out what size bearings you need.

The most popular skateboard bearings are the ABEC-5 & ABEC 7 bearing.

Does wheel bearing brand matter?

Yes, the brand matters. It is a matter of quality, consistency, and longevity.

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