Technology is moving forward at an incredible rate, and so is the world of rollerblading. DGK skateboards are at the forefront of this movement with their innovative approach to designing and constructing rollerblading equipment. This blog will look at the different aspects of this equipment and see whether or not it is worth getting.

Are DGK skateboards good?

DGK skateboards have been around for about 20 years and are one of the most well-known names in skateboarding. They did start by making stickers, t-shirts, etc., but eventually began making decks and other equipment.

There are many pros to DGK skateboards because they make high-quality products with cool designs. Their boards are made with good pop (meaning it’s not too stiff nor is it too soft; it gives you a nice little ollie when pushing), their wheels spin well, and their trucks turn sharp without feeling too loose or sloppy.

The pros of this brand far outweigh any cons that come about dealing with the DGK skateboard company. However, some things that may be considered “cons” may be that this company is not environmentally friendly.

This company uses trucks made in China, which doesn’t support the US economy, and their wheels are produced in China. They do make sure to use suitable quality components in making their boards.

They recycle what material they can, but there’s room for improvement in being more environmentally conscious. Other than that, nothing terrible can be said about DGK skateboards.

Community Reviews

The vast majority of reviews on this brand have been highly positive because people have either liked their products since day one or have heard good things about them from others who have used DGK skateboards before.

If you’re looking into buying a new deck, wheel, or truck, DGK skateboards are a brand you can check out. You may want to ask your friends or other skaters if they’ve ever used any of their gear before so you know what to expect when buying it.

If you’re looking for some cool designs, good quality products that won’t break the bank, then DGK skateboards are the way to go. Be aware that even though they support many pro skaters, they don’t support any specific team members either because the company is not actively involved with any skateboarding associations (they happen to sponsor pros who ride specifically for them).

Important things to consider while choosing a skateboard brand.

When buying new equipment, remember to look at all these factors because not one aspect should be favored. All of these things, ranging from a board’s pop to a wheel’s durometer rating, all contribute to the overall quality of your rollerblading equipment.

  • Check out the skateboard’s pop. The higher quality ones will have better pop, which means you’ll be able to ollie higher without having to push as hard.
  • Look at what kind of trucks they’re using because that affects how well it turns and how long it lasts (higher quality ones should last longer).
  • Check out the wheel’s durometer, which refers to a wheel’s hardness. Higher quality wheels usually have a higher durometer rating, meaning they will retain their shape for longer and won’t flat-spot as much.


Overall, if you’re purchasing a new deck, wheel, or truck, I strongly recommend going with DGK skateboards. I have used many of their products before, and they are excellent quality stuff. You will most likely not be disappointed with their gear. Just be wary that they don’t support any skateboarding associations or teams.

If you are looking for a new set of skateboards to cruise the streets, you may want to consider DGK skateboards. These skateboards are designed to do well off the roads and on them, so you can use them at the skatepark or even at the beach. I hope you like this post. Share your feedback in the comments below.


How much are DGK skateboards?

The price of a new deck is around $40, wheels may cost you anywhere from $20 to $40 each, and trucks tend to go for about the same price as the decks. Other than that, all accessories will fall in the same price range.

What does DGK stand for?

Dirty Ghetto Kids is a clothing brand that has branched off into making skateboards, accessories, and other skating equipment. The DGK company was founded by Stevie Williams, known for his involvement in the Street League Skateboarding (SLS) competition.

How long should a skateboard be for a 14-year-old?

Most 14-year-olds should be fine with a deck between 7 and 8 inches wide because it will suit their size perfectly. If you’re looking for optimum performance, get slightly wider decks, but I would recommend something more average in width if you are starting.

When was DGK released??

DGK was started in 2008 and has been growing rapidly ever since. They were initially a clothing company (dirty ghetto kids) and only branched off into making skateboards after realizing there was a demand for them.

Who keeps making DGK decks?

The DGK company is responsible for designing every deck that they sell. DGK is currently being run by co-owner Stevie Williams who has jumped into the skateboarding scene by participating in many competitions, including Street League Skateboarding.

What are DGK wheels made of?

DGK’s wheel line varies, but most of their product uses Burel urethane, a very high-quality urethane that many other companies also use. DGK wheels are also made to have a spherical shape rather than entirely flat on the bottom, which means that you will have more control over your board as you ride it.

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